Jennifer Turner


Singer and founder, Jennifer Turner, grew up in the Theatre – watching, performing, singing, directing, building sets, and costuming. As a youth, she acted in TV commercials, sang and danced her way through show choirs, many musicals, and a few fun holiday variety shows. Jennifer has performed in jazz ensembles and has been the proud lead singer and founding member of Arizona’s "Four Jacks and a Jill" as well as "Swain's World". Motivating people to get up and dance has been a great joy! JT Caravan Entertainment LLC has been a new adventure into the business world as sole owner. Not only does the entertainment company promote JT’s Caravan, but it also promotes sister band Hippie Gold Tribute Band as well as the smash Free Range Chicks! JTC is always open to assisting further talent.

Jennifer has learned a great not-so-secret secret: the Phoenix area is surrounded by a vast, empty desert, but the live music scene is abundant and fruitful!!!

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Billy C


Billy C, a core member and a magician on the keyboards, has been involved in various music projects and bands in Phoenix since the 70’s. His music preferences are classic rock, jazz, and of course any band with a great horn section. His primary influences are Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Beatles, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby, Doobie Brothers, and anything Motown. Billy C utilizes his keyboard experience to execute those often forgotten sounds that can bring the song front and center in a performance. The featured sounds include grand piano, B3 organ, horn section, strings, and many more. 

Billy C has also founded Hippie Gold Tribute Band which has made a huge impact in the local area. HGTB is a dedication to a decade of hits from 1965 to 1975.

He is, as fans have pointed out, the icing on the cake.

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Tim McAlee


Tim McAlee is a core member of JT's Caravan and has been a professional guitarist and singer for twenty years with an extensive repertoire that encompasses rock, blues, Motown, R&B, and jazz. Originally from Miami, Florida, Tim is a veteran of the U.S. Army and relocated to Philadelphia after being honorably discharged in 1992. He has performed with many groups on the East coast including The Larry Tucker Band in Delaware, The Eddie Davis Orchestra in Philadelphia, and he was also a founding member of The Albino Red Blues Band (Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and The Red, Hot and Blue Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ). Mr. McAlee is not just known on the East coast, but made a massive splash in Swain's World here in AZ. In 2007, Tim traveled to Granada, Spain and studied flamenco guitar with Jorge "El Pisao" Sanchez. 

Tim just recently obtained a Masters from ASU and became Board Certified as a Music Therapist!

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Rodney Paguia


Rodney Paguia is a monster on bass hailing from the beautiful state of Hawaii! Rodney has studied and performed music his entire life - including while serving for the U.S. Army.  This joyous member of JTC gets the booties out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. Rodney continues to enjoy music performance with local Army bands as well as JTC!

Dave Poore


Dave Poore grew up in New Jersey and moved to Arizona after high school. Music was in his family for generations. Dave's father was the state champion on trumpet in his day and Dave’s grandfather owned a music store and taught private lessons on wind instruments. This talented guy's great grandfather played piano in the silent movies! Dave's first instrument was the trumpet and he took private lessons as a young kid - always picked to be 1st trumpet in school. When he started to gain more interest in rock music, Dave picked up a set of drumsticks. He has played with a number of acts in the Phoenix area, is a core member of Hippie Gold Tribute Band, and continues to develop his skill. Dave actively studies with Stephen Flinn, a true guru, who has been featured in many international publications writing articles for Modern Drummer and Downbeat magazines. Dave has a never ending passion to become a better drummer every day! 

Michael Schenck


The amazing Michael "Big Mike" Schenck hails originally from Chicago, IL. The Chicago bands are missing him greatly as he was a foundation for the success of many. Michael is a founding member of the talented Qhalage Phoenix variety band and has a sound and tone like no other. We are proud to get to work with him! 

Charlie Van - Knockout Drummer

Drummer extraordinaire who has played the midwest and east coast professionally to land in Phoenix!

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Randy Smith - Amazing Bass